Directory tree organization


For a given SHA1 in the Ceph tree, packages for various distributions are created. They are tested using a given SHA1 in the ceph-qa-suite tree and their results are archived for analysis. Based on the test results, a contribution will be merged or a release will be published.

Publishing a Ceph stable release is a chain of actions which can be convenientely expressed in a Makefile: compile, run make check, create packages, run all suites in ceph-qa-suite. Each step creates files and directories that are organized as follows:


Abstract description:

- ceph-SHA1
  - ceph-qa-suite-SHA1
    - test description A
      - log archive directory 1
      - log archive directory 2
      - ...
      - (optional) OK symlink to successful run
    - test description B
      - log archive directory 3
      - log archive directory 4
    - ...
  - distribution-version A
    - package-repository
    - package-repository.log
    - make-check
    - make-check.log
  - distribution-version B
    - package-repository
    - package-repository.log
    - make-check
    - make-check.log

For instance:

- ceph-3c41332a0d7f489bf35fadd8fee48fefa4d50b4c
  - ceph-qa-suite-686d6e9c0b53300d9deef26b284f6fc03e15579a
    - 75a7ec085eeb307ee0cbc304e8963f66
      - OK -> ubuntu-2015-12-19_11:19:15-dummy-master---basic-openstack/148
      - ubuntu-2015-12-19_11:19:15-dummy-master---basic-openstack/148
        - teuthology.log
  - centos-7.0
    - ceph-rpm-centos7-x86_64-basic
    - make-check.log


At the top level ceph-SHA1, all packages and test results based on the matching SHA1 are grouped together. The ceph-qa-suite-SHA1 subdirectory group all ceph-qa-suite test results. If the ceph-qa-suite repository is modified (for instance because tests are adapted), there can be more than one ceph-qa-suite-SHA1.

The ceph-qa-suite-SHA1 contains at most one directory for each test description. The test description it self cannot be used because it contains / and may exceed the maximum allows path length and the corresponding SHA1 is used instead. Each test description directory may contain multiple runs and a single symbolic link (OK) to the directory of one successful run. If a test fails, the OK symlink is not created but the logs are available for analysis.

In a directory named after the distribution (for instance centos-7.0, ubuntu-14.04 etc.), the packages are stored in a directory using the same name convention as the gitbuilders. The make-check is created if it passed. For the package respository and make check, the log of the build process is archived in the .log file, for forensic analysis.

Using make

A makefile can be created to run each test for a given Ceph and ceph-qa-suite with rules such as:

    teuthology-suite --description 'dummy/{all/nop.yaml}' --wait
    touch $@

so the OK file only exists if the test is successful. The packages can be created only if make check has passed with a rule such as:

ceph-9bf35fadd8f/centos-7.0/ceph-rpm-centos7-x86_64-basic: ceph-9bf35fadd8f/centos-7.0/make-check
     rpmbuild /tmp/package
     mv /tmp/package $@

     make check > $@.log
     touch $@